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    Providing the small things with great love.

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    About 805 Community for Children

    In the Ventura Unified School District alone, over 400 children are reported as homeless. 

    County data indicates a troubling 9% rise in homelessness over the past year, & it is impacting the youth of the 805.

    At the 805 Community for Children, we are dedicated to empowering Ventura’s homeless youth, aiming to elevate their

    education, health, and overall development.

    Together, we not only provide essentials but aim to infuse every child's life with moments of joy, love, and belonging.  

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    Beyond the statistics and the generalities lie real children with real needs. From ensuring they have a warm meal, clean clothes, and proper hygiene to providing them with the birthday wishlists and the convenience of bus passes, we make sure that the 805 youth have not just the essentials, but also the tools to integrate seamlessly into society.

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    The basic necessities of life that many take for granted become accessible to the homeless children of the 805. Community participation and support enables us to create beautiful memories for these children, ensuring they have moments of sheer happiness amidst their challenges.


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    Every donation, no matter its form or size, plants seeds of hope and growth for our 805 youth. Whether it's a monetary gift, a sponsored birthday, or transportation support, you're not just donating, you're reshaping futures, illuminating paths, and reminding our youth that they are valued and seen.


  • Every donation,

    Makes a difference.