• It's Not the Donation,

    it's the Difference...


  • How Your Donation Makes a Difference


    Personalized Support

    Donations are used to create individualized "favorite things" packages, ensuring each child receives items tailored to their unique preferences and needs throughout the year.


    Educational Growth

    Funds help cover the costs of school field trips and necessary school supplies, ensuring every student, regardless of their financial situation, can participate and benefit from these enriching experiences.


    Birthday Celebrations

    Every child deserves to feel special. Donations facilitate unique birthday celebrations for homeless children, many of whom have never experienced the joy of seeing their name on a birthday cake.


    Holistic Therapies

    A portion of the donations is dedicated to equine therapy sessions, offering homeless youth a chance to heal and find solace through bonding with horses, promoting their mental and emotional well-being.


    Athletic Involvement

    Donations go directly towards enabling our youth to engage in sports activities. This covers registration fees, gear, and any other essentials required to ensure that financial constraints don't stand in the way of their athletic dreams and aspirations.

  • Donation Options

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    Student Sponsorship


    Your monthly donation contributes to:

    • Food
    • Clothing
    • School Supplies
    • Bus Passes


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    Your monthly donation contributes to:

    • Registration Fees
    • Gear
    • Transporation
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    Birthday Sponsorship


    Your monthly donation contributes to:

    • Personalized Party
    • Cake
    • Decor
    • Birthday Wishlist
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    One-Time Donation

    $10 Minimum

    With a one-time donation, you decide the amount and directly contribute to the pressing needs of our youth. Every dollar goes a long way in fostering hope and positive change.

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    Patagonia's commitment to community aligns with our mission at 805 Community for Children. In collaboration, we're working to empower the youth of Ventura County. We deeply appreciate Patagonia's dedication to fostering community ties and nurturing the futures of our youth.

    Special Thanks...

    Jim Cary (Economy Electric), Charlotte Curran, Mindy Newhouse, Michelle Turner, Jill Forman, Chris Effimoff, Pam Medina, Anthony Ceco, Christi Johnson, Grace Church

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