• Every child deserves a community

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    At the heart of the 805 Community for Children lies a deep-rooted commitment to Ventura's homeless youth.

    Born from the stark reality of observing hundreds of children grappling with homelessness, our nonprofit exsits to bridge the gap between adversity and opportunity. We serve the K-12th grade youth, offering not just essentials, but moments of joy, community support, and educational resources.

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    Marcie Youtz | Founder

    A devoted resident of Ventura County, I take immense pride in my deep-seated connections to this community. My journey here is interwoven with cherished memories, from marrying my high school sweetheart from Ventura High to raising two wonderful children in the very heart of Ventura. My academic pursuits led me to Ventura College, where I delved into Environmental Science, enriching my understanding of our environment. Our home resonates with the joyous chaos of our two dogs, Eddie and Murphy, and our feline companion, Mercy.


    My professional life spans over two decades as a dedicated school bus driver with the Ventura Unified School District. Parallel to this, I've served the Ventura County community in the capacity of a Realtor, ensuring families find their perfect homes.


    My intrinsic need to serve and uplift the community was evident from my teenage years. This unwavering passion bore fruit when I initiated the '805 CROP SWAP', a monthly event aimed at supporting our local food pantries through a fruit and vegetable exchange. However, a deeper call beckoned when I became aware of the distressing number of homeless students in Ventura, nudging me to establish the 805 Community for Children. Through this initiative, I aim to not only provide essential resources throughout the year but to ensure that every child, especially teenagers who are often overlooked, feels seen, valued, and supported.

  • Meet the Team

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    Julie Pfeifer | Secratary

    My name is Julie Pfeifer. I have lived in Ventura since 2015. I have been a Para Educator for the Ventura Unified School Districtsince 2016 and work at Lincoln Elementary School. I am very active in the local music in Ventura County with my band, Red Rythm. I lead worship music at Grace Church Ventura and for Celebrate Recovery. I am so thrilled to be a part of 805 community for children. As a Para Educator, I work with students who have so much potential but are hindered because of unfortunate living circumstances. This organization is giving me the opportunity to have a deeper impact on the lives of the kids I work with on a daily basis.

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    Rebekah Acker | Treasurer

    My name is Rebekah Acker, my husband Nick along with our 3 children live in Ventura, California. My passion is holistic humanitarian work and sharing the love of Christ to all the nations. I work for Le Pont International by partnering with locals in Togo, Africa to build wells, community development, school sponsorships, women's micro loans, and more.

    My desire to see community development in Africa is a similar desire here in Venture. I believe breaking the cycle of poverty starts with a child's education. I want to help equip our kids for school, sometimes sadly this starts with basics like food, clothes, school supplies, and even sleeping bags, and other household items. I'm excited to be a part of 805 Community for Children to help get these kids and families in a position where they can show up to school, rested and prepared.