• Get Involved


    Fuel our mission with your generous contributions. Every dollar can make a significant impact in the lives of Ventura's homeless youth.


    Lend your time and skills to create a meaningful change. Together, we can shape a brighter future for the children of our community.



    Engage with our organization by attending or voluteenering at upcoming events. Your participation can help raise awareness and gather vital resources for the children we serve.


    Commit to supporting a child throughout the year. This personal touch ensures they receive consistent care and feel truly cherished.


    Make a difference on special occasions! Help us organize birthday celebrations for the youth, giving them unforgettable moments of joy.


    Your donations provide immediate relief. From clothing to sports equipment, your items can transform a child's life experience.

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    COMMUNITY PARTNER | 805 Crop Swap

    Partnering with 805 Crop Swap, a unique venture fostering community connection and sustainability. Grounded in the belief that sharing locally-grown produce and gardening essentials not only reduces waste but also strengthens community ties.