• Monthly Community Event

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    805 Crop Swap

    Cultivating Community Through Food

    At 805 Community Swap, participants offer surplus homegrown produce, seeds, or plants they no longer need, allowing others to benefit from their bounty. In return, they can pick up something they might require, ensuring a cycle of continuous sharing and zero waste. Any produce remaining at the end of a swap day finds its way to local community groups, amplifying our commitment to serve the broader Ventura community.


    Our Offerings Include:

    • A diverse range of fruits, vegetables, and herbs
    • Plant seeds, seedlings, and cuttings
    • Gardening essentials like compost and worms
    • A collection of homemade treats, preserves, salsas, and more
    • A space for exchanging gardening tips, recipes, and stories
    • Children's activities during each event, ensuring a family-friendly experience.


    We're proud to serve as a communal hub for gardening enthusiasts, fresh produce lovers, and anyone keen to contribute to a sustainable Ventura.



    First Saturday of Every Month

    10 AM to 2 PM

    65 Mac Millan Ave

    Ventura, CA