• Help Celebrate a Special Day for

    Ventura County's Homeless Youth

    Every child deserves to feel special on their birthday. Sadly, many homeless children in Ventura County have never experienced the joy of a birthday celebration or even seen their name on a birthday cake. At the 805 community for children, we believe in brightening the lives of the youth one birthday at a time!

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    Why Birthday Party Wishlists Matter

    Personal Touch: Many children experiencing homelessness often feel invisible. A personalized birthday celebration can change this, making them feel seen and cherished.

    Building Self-esteem: These parties boost their self-worth and confidence. Seeing their community rally for their special day can be transformative.

    Fostering Community: The Birthday Party Wishlists initiative not only benefits the children but also strengthens our community bonds.

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    How You Can Contribute

    Donate Materials: From streamers to party hats, your new or gently-used party decorations can make a celebration vibrant.

    • Balloons
    • Birthday banners
    • Themed party decor
    • Party favors

    Sponsor a Cake: Ensure that every child sees their name lit up with candles! Donate towards a personalized birthday cake or offer to bake one.

    Gift Options: Toys, books, or gift cards – whatever you can offer will light up their day.

    Volunteer: Offer your time to help organize or host these birthday parties. Every pair of hands counts.